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Terme di Tabiano

Terme di Tabiano

Tabiano Spa, the thermae of respiration. Thermal cures with sulphurous waters for the care of the bronchial, ear, nose, throat and skin in both adults and children... ... Leggi tutto

Esterno Tabiano Fiorito

Le terme per i bambini

SPA for Kids

The thermae for children Many children suffer from disturbances, even of an allergic nature, to the respiratory tract that occur principally with symptoms such as stuffy nose, abundant secretions, obstruction of the bronchi and consequent dry cough. Various treatments with "targeted" inhalers allow the active principles of the waters of Tabiano Spa to exert a valuable effect anti-inflammatory and anti-catarrh that restores the natural conditions of the respiratory tract...... Leggi tutto

bimbi a tabiano

Il medico risponde

What type of cough do you have ?

There are coughs and coughs : according to the latest data provided by the National Congress on respiratory diseases, about 50% of Italians have on average two episodes of cough per year and in 30% of cases, the annoying disturbance tends to last for more than a month...... Leggi tutto


Il medico risponde

Psoriasis how shameful! Remedies and cures

Psoriasis how shameful! Remedies and cures from thermal water... This is why it is effective. Psoriasis is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a chronic disease, persistent and frequently disabling, which may also compromise aspects apparently less important in people's lives. Up to 30 % of patients with psoriasis have developed - or develop - psoriatic arthritis, a pathology which also affects the joints causing debilitating symptoms including pain, stiffness and irreversible articular dama... Leggi tutto


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Dove dormire

Where to sleep

For your Spa or wellness holiday at Salsomaggiore Thermae you can choose between many hotels in Salsomaggiore and Tabiano, by contacting the associations of category---> Follow the link to the contacts...... Leggi tutto

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