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The thermae for children

bimbi a tabiano

Younger visitors who make use of our spa centre have a space dedicated entirely to them. In fact Tabiano Thermae provides a pediatric division where children, as well as being treated, can play and enjoy themselves  with their contemporaries, thus combining  physical well-being with fun.


Many children suffer from disturbances, even of an allergic nature, to the respiratory tract occurring principally with symptoms such as stuffy nose, abundant secretions, obstruction of the bronchi and consequent dry cough. Different "targeted"  treatment  inhalers allow the active principles of the waters of Tabiano Spa, in particular the hydrogen sulphide, to reach the various sections of the airtracts producing a valuable anti-inflammatory and anti-catarrh effect that restores the natural conditions of the respiratory tracts.


The treatments of individual inhalation are combined with collective environment inhalation treatments, during which the children can also make new acquaintances and live a normal situation of sociability which forms the background to an effective therapeutic context.


Children can access to treatments, after assessment by the pediatrician, from 2 - 3 years old

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