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The sulphuric waters of Tabiano

Acqua Arvè

The Tabiano Spa mineral water comes from springs and wells. It is a strongly mineralised cold water, sulphur-sulphate-calcium-magnesium (fixed residue 180°C 3660 mg/l) with a high content of bicarbonates (about 600 mg/l) and high content of hydrogen sulphide.


Already known since 1800 as the most sulphuric water of Europe, it is still today considered among the waters with the highest concentration of sulphates and sulphuric gas. It is formed by the washing by meteoric water of the decayed limestone rocks formed in Tabiano during the  messinian period and utilized after a lengthy  journey through the depths of the earth. The sources therefore combine the purity of a water intensely filtered, to the richness and potentiality of mineral salts formed millions of years ago.




Tabiano’s thermal water is successfully used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the bronchi, ear, nose, throat and skin. The high content of mineral salts such as sulphates, calcium, bicarbonates and magnesium makes it particularly indicated for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract of catarrhal, hyperreactive and allergic types. It is also used with excellent results in many diseases of the skin and in the aftermath of burns.

As a drink, it aids the function of your liver and enhances the antioxidant defences.



It is a sulphurous-sulphate-calcium-magnesium water with  a high sulphurated content. Particularly indicated and effective for:

  • mucolytic action ( especially connnected to the hydrogen sulphide)
  • cilioactive action and improvement of the mucociliary  flow
  • normalization of the IgA secretion production
  • strenghthening of the antioxidant defence systems
  • antiphlogistic action
  • bacteriostatic action


It produces its beneficial effects through both general actions and a combination of local actions.

Between the general actions we find:

  • action on the neurovegetative system
  • action on circulation with a particular capillary - vasodilatory effect
  • antioxidant action , free radicals and peroxides are reduced with the therapy based on Tabiano’s water
  • metabolic actions , decrease of basalglycemia and normalisation of metabolism
  • detoxifying action , linked to the capacity of sulphur of immobilizing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc.


Among the local actions we find:

  • regolating action on the mucosecreting system
  • eutrophic and revitalising action on the mucous membranes and ciliary apparatus
  • standardisation of production of IgAS with an increase in the specific local immunitary defences
  • increase in the availability of glutathione , critical factor in protection from oxidising radicals.



These characteristics make Tabiano’s  thermal waters  particularly suitable and effective both at ORL levels as for bronchopneumology treatments. In otolaryngology they find useful application in the treatment of otitis media with secretion (OMS); catarrhal otosalpingitis ; chronical catarrhal rhinitis and rihnosinusitis; forms of nasal hyperactivity, allergic or vasomotoric; pharyngitis and laryngitis. In bronchopneumology they are particularly indicated for the treatment of: chronic catarrhal and obstructive bronchopathies; bronchiectasis, rhino-sinusobronchiali syndromes; asthmatic bronchitis.

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