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Tabiano Water even at home

Acqua di Tabiano anche a casa

Tabiano’s thermal water is available in handy 1 litre bottles. Ideal for the home repetition of some of the thermal inhalation treatments.

Using a vapour  inhalator or aerosol for thermal waters you can repeat, reinforcing and recalling  at home the beneficial effects of some of the inhalation treatments undergone in Tabiano Spa. Repeating the thermal treatments at home for pharyngitis, catarrhal laryngitis, catarrhal bronchitis is very advantageous.

To get the best benefit from the hydrogen-sulphide and  mineral salts contained in the bottled water, it is best to use all the contents of the bottle, once opened, in the shortest time possible and always in the same day.

Tabiano’s water is available in chemists  or directly from our e.commerce website --->


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