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Medical Check Up at the Thermae, prevention means health

Check Up Ginecologico

The new medical direction of Thermae di Salsomaggiore and Tabiano, within the scope of the reorganisation and development of health services offered by the Spa has prepared a series of specialist Check Ups carried out directly at the Thermae Zoja and the Terme Respighi. It will thus be possible to find  at the thermal establishments all you  need to take care of your health and to live better. The preventive and curative thermal treatments, naturally, which, thanks to the exceptional salsobromojodic  waters and sulphurous waters help us to counteract articular disorders, rheumatism, phlebitis  and those of respiration and skin. But not only treatments, it is now possible through specialist diagnostic programmes to trace a true map of your health at the Thermae , carrying out,  in one or two days, the principle medical and specialistic examinations to establish your state of health.


Check-ups already available : cardiology with ECG, aorta arch doppler, echocardiogram and cardiologic visit;  metabolic with bioinpedenziometrica evaluation and the determination  of the quantity and location of fat , lean mass and of water in the body, determination  of the basic metabolism and oxidative stress evaluation; for cellulite with bioimpedenziometrica Evaluation and complete visit; vascular ultrasound with complete colour doppler for aorta arch TSA, deep venous, arteries of the lower limbs, abdominal aorta and iliac arteries; ultrasound images  with complete abdominal scanning - liver, kidney and pancreas, thyroid, bladder , prostate or female genital organs ; gynecological / menopause with ultrasound, complete gyn visit and Pap Test; allergies with allergy tests; dermatological with assessments of suspicious moles.The appropriate thermal treatment is available for all the results of the medical examinations and a complete medical synthesis is issued on the state of health with medical proposals.



This is just one of the many possibilities of prevention offered by our Spa  - Dr. Gualerzi, medical director, tells us - that are at the disposal of those who otherwise would not have  the time nor the inventive to effect  these simple checks which are nonetheless  essential for an early diagnosis and to ensure the level of fitness  and wellness, within everyones’reach.


  • Terme Respighi

    Lo stabilimento termale Respighi sorge in Viale alle Terme 30 a Tabiano Bagni, frazione che dista circa 5 km da Salsomaggiore. Si praticano le cure inalatorie per la cura di bronchi, orecchio, naso, gola e pelle con acque sulfuree.

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