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Integrative and rehabilitation Thermal Cures

piscina tabiano


Many of the pathologies that are generally treated at the Thermae require the support of rehabilitation aimed to optimize and consolidate the results obtained thanks to therapy with thermal water. For Tabiano the reference is especially of chronic character and/or recurring diseases, which relate to the respiratory system, pneumofore articolatory organ, but also the rhinopharyngealtubal zone.


The awareness of the validity and the indispensability of the rehabilitative aspect alongside the classic spa treatment has brought Tabiano Thermae to create a specific rehabilitative area, that offers various therapies:

  • for the respiratory system: mechanical ventilation and respiratory physiokinesy-therapy
  • or the voice: logopedic reeducation
  • for the audio-vestibular apparatus: tubal re-education, vestibular, TRT
  • for the osteoarticular apparatus: motorised rehabilitation and motory hydrokinesy-therapy
  • for vascular apparatus: vascular gymnastic (vascular routes).



Vaginal Irrigation
Indicated mainly for inflammatory forms, catarrhal and itching of female genitalia. The technique is similar to the gynecological douche and is carried out at low pressure and at body temperature.

Oral Balneotherapy

Technique of irrigation and oral and gum hydromassage practiced with a disposable device. Useful in forms of gingivitis and periodontal disorders.

Mineral Water Treatments

Beverage of thermal water that favours the balance of the lipidic order, contributes to restoring the hepatic functionality and to stimulating the production of antioxidant and antiaging agents as shown by recent researches and experimentations. The doctor prescribes a dose of about 400 ml/day.

Partial Mud Therapy

Local application of sulphuric thermal mud on small joints with an analgesic, myorelaxing and antinflammatory effect. Particularly indicated in the treatments of degenerative arthropathies ( arthrosis) and in the aftermath of trauma.

Respiratory physiokinesy-therapy
Consists of various techniques practiced under a therapist’s guidance, useful to improve the respiratory gaseous exchanges and to facilitate the elimination of bronchial mucus.

Mechanical Ventilation

Treatment indicated in various forms of bronchopathy of obstructive nature, useful both to encourage the bronchial unblockage and to reduce the respiratory work and improve the gaseous exchanges.

Hydrokinesy-therapy mobility

Rehabilitation treatment aimed at the recovery of  mobile functionality that exploits the physical properties of the water ( temperature and pressure). Carried out under the guidance of qualified staff.

Vascular courses
Rehabilitation technique useful in many vascular disorders of the lower limbs. Consists of a vascular gymnastic performed by the alternation of walkways at different temperatures (hot and cold).



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