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How to obtain treatments

Inalazione a getto

For italian citiziens:
To take advantage of the spa treatments in convention with the National Health Service at the cost of the prescription fee, it is sufficient to present yourselves at  the establishment with the doctor’s prescription which must bear the indication of the pathology to be treated, with an identity document and tax code.


For EU citiziens:
- Ask your Healt Public Insurance if you may take SPA treatments in Italy
- Direct payment


On arrival at the Thermae Spa, the iter begins with the medical check up for admission.


There are several ways to access the Spa treatments:

  • To be paid by S.S.N. with your doctor’s prescription indicating the choice of authorised pathology (only italian citiziens)
  • Payment by  INAIL for professional illnesses  certified by  the appropriate INAIL (only italian citiziens)
  • Direct payment. In this case an annual fixed fee is applied covering the check-up on admission and medical assistance.



Cost of the prescription fee with S.S.N. (only italian citiziens):

€ 55,00 for all aged between 6 and 65 years payable on arrival.

Reduced prescription fee -  € 3,10  - for the following categories :

- over 65  and under 6 years,  with annual income below € 36.152

- unemployed and family members, with annual income up to € 8.263,31, increased to € 11.362,05 in presence of spouse and an additional  € 516 for each dependent child

- holders of social allowance and dependents

- holders of the minimum pension, over 60 years, and dependents up to a global income of € 8.263,31, increased to € 11.362,05 in presence of spouse and an additional  € 516 for each dependent child.


Please Note: to qualify for exemption from prescription fee,  from 1st May 2011 , it will be necessary to produce a doctor’s prescription with the exemption code indicated by the doctor. Self-certifications will not be valid from this date.




At Thermae of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano the assisted INPS can benefit from  a series of thermal treatments  for diseases of the respiratory system or of a cycle for the arthritis-rheumatic disorders as some hotels have signed a convention with the National Institute of Social Security.

The thermal treatments are granted by the INPS to its assisted to prevent, delay or remove a state of invalidity.

All employees and self-employed registered with INPS for 5 years and 3 years of contributions paid  in the five years preceding the application. The cost of treatment is borne by the National Health Service (the insured INPS is obliged only to the payment of the prescription required by law), while that of the accomodation is charged to INPS.

The cycle of treatments lasts  2 weeks ( from Monday of the 1st  week to Saturday of the 2nd  - 13 days of permanence of which  12 of treatments ), in accordance with the timetable prescribed by INPS. Tabiano and Salsomaggiore Thermae are affiliated to the beneficial treatments for the respiratory tract  complaints.

The cycle consists of 36  inhalatory applications spread over 12 days, plus 12 additional applications ( on the doctor’s decision ) which could be : pulmonary ventilations, nasal showers, nasal irrigations or vaginal irrigations. Salsomaggiore Thermae are also authorised for treating arthro-rheumatic forms: 12 mud packs and baths or 12 baths plus  *18 additional treatments.

About how to accede to these  treatments and for any other further  information please contact the appropriate INPS website.



An injured employee is entitled to the thermal treatments. Accomodation is paid by the SSN once the INAIL doctor has inspected and verified the case.  Those who have entitlement to the treatments are : injured employees or suffering from work-induced disease during a period of absolute incapacity, pensioners within the regime, silicosis and  asbestosis patients with no time limits. In order to obtain permission one must apply to the local  INAIL. The INAIL doctor will decide on the type and duration of the therapy, taking into consideration the pathologies recommended  by the Ministry of Health , which glean benefits from the thermal treatments.

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