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Terme di Tabiano

Thermae Respighi at Tabiano, the "thermae of respiration" par excellence. Use is made of the sulphurous waters amongst the best in Europe, which gush from springs and wells and represent a valuable ally to health and wellbeing. Thanks to their natural health-giving characteristics (rich in sulphur, combined with calcium, sulphates, bicarbonate and magnesium), these waters are indicated mainly in the prevention and treatment of many pathologies of bronchi, ear, nose, throat and skin, both in adults and children. The water of Tabiano Spa is also valuable in the form of a drink (hydropinic treatment) to counteract some metabolic disorders.


Tabiano SPA is part of the Thermae of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano SRL: a single company, a large group that represents a point of reference in the international spa scenery .


You can count on an “avant-garde” thermal establishment, an excellent thermal clinic for rehabilitation, rich salsobromojodic waters and one of the most sulphurous saturated waters of Europe, on beauty and health products for every necessity, on two centuries of history, art and fame. It is the best combination of tradition and innovation for  health, wellness and beauty. Also thanks to the Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Thermae, the city of Salsomaggiore, one of  Italy’s healthiest, with marvellous landscapes and no heavy industry, is and always will be in a central position in the thermal SPA scene.

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